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Book Composer Page Publisher Year Org Pno Inst HAcc
**Be Thou My Vision Peek              
**Be Thou My Vision Young              
*Be Thou My Vision Ferguson              
*Lord of All Hopefulness Ferko              
83 Musical Gifts, Part 3 Lovelace 395   Darcey  2004 Org      
Abide with Me: Funeral Hymns Arranged for the Church Pianist Pethel  Lorenz  2000   Pno    
Albrecht T, Grace Notes 05 for Organ Albrecht T 24   Augsburg Fortress  1996 Org      
Alex-Zsolt, Draw Me Nearer Alex-Zsolt 16   Lillenas  2009   Pno    
Arnatt, Hymn Descants and Free Harmonizations Arnatt 70   Augsburg Fortress  1990 Org     HAcc
Arnatt, Hymn Sonata for Organ Arnatt 11   Schirmer  1995 Org      
Ashdown, British Inspiration: A Collection for Organ Ashdown 17   Augsburg Fortress  2005 Org      
Augsburg Organ Library: Lent Ashdown 96   Augsburg Fortress  2000 Org      
Baldwin, Final Flourishes Baldwin 34   Sacred Music Press (Lorenz)  1997 Org      
Basic Hymn Accompaniments, Volume 4: General Hymns Beck T  Concordia  1997 Org     HAcc
Behnke, Creative Organist, The Behnke 29   Hope  1993 Org     HAcc
Behnke, Seven Hymn Preludes Behnke 26   Concordia  1992 Org      
Berry, Classic Berry Berry 10   GlorySound  1998   Pno    
Berry, What Can I Play for Weddings?: 10 Easily Prepared Piano Arrangements Berry 25   Alfred  2010   Pno    
Big Gold Book of Medium Difficult Piano Solos Krogstad 12   Word  2000   Pno    
Bober, A Call to Prayer: 10 Arrangements of Hymns That Speak to the Heart Bober 11   Alfred  2008   Pno    
Bober, Expressively Yours, Traditional Hymns, Advanced Piano Bober 14   Harris  2000   Pno    
Bock, The Organ Music of Fred Bock, Volume 1: Six Hymn Tunes Bock 14   Bock  1991 Org      
Bock's Best, Volume 5 Bock 104   Bock  1996   Pno    
Bottomley, Piano Sunday Morning, Volume 2 Bottomley 23   Augsburg Fortress  2013   Pno    
Brendlinger, Visions of Inspiration Brendlinger 19   Alfred  2006   Pno    
Bristol Collection, Vol. 3 Bristol  Flammer  1975 Org      
Burkhardt, Seven Hymn Improvisations and Free Accompaniments, Set 2 Burkhardt  MorningStar  1993 Org      
Burkhardt, Seven Hymn Improvisations and Free Accompaniments, Set 2 Burkhardt  MorningStar  1993 Org     HAcc
Busarow, Thirty More Accompaniments for Hymns in Canon Busarow 31   Augsburg Fortress  1992 Org     HAcc
Busarow, Three Organ Preludes Busarow 10   MorningStar  1999 Org      
Butler, Songs of the People: Folk Hymns from Around the World Butler  Lorenz  2004   Pno    
Callahan, Art of Hymn Playing, The Callahan 134   MorningStar  2006 Org     HAcc
Callahan, Art of Hymn Playing, The Callahan 135   MorningStar  2006 Org     HAcc
Callahan, Celtic Collection: 12 Meditations on Celtic Melodies Callahan 22   MorningStar  2015   Pno    
Callahan, Funeral Music for Manuals Callahan  MorningStar  1995 Org      
Callahan, Partita on Slane Callahan    Concordia  1990 Org      
Campfield, Hymns of Majesty and Contemplation, Volume 1 Campfield 14   Bock  2002 Org      
Caracciolo, Six Festival Hymn Accompaniments for Organ Caracciolo 10   Flammer  1988 Org     HAcc
Carlson, Blessed Assurance: A Piano Collection Carlson  Augsburg Fortress  1998   Pno    
Carter, Contemplative Folk Tunes for Piano Carter 15   Augsburg Fortress  2001   Pno    
Carter, Favorite Hymns for Piano Carter 16   Hope  2007   Pno    
Carter, World Music for Piano Carter  Hope  2005   Pno    
Celtic Meditations: Organ Terry 28   Mayhew  2000 Org      
Chapin, Lamb of God Chapin 14   Concordia  2004   Pno    
Cherwien, Interpretations Based on Hymn-Tunes for Organ, Book 08 Cherwien 14   AMSI  1991 Org      
Cherwien, Joyful Praise: Three Hymn Settings for Organ Cherwien  MorningStar  2004 Org      
Chung, Expressions of Faith: 8 Inventive Explorations of Classic Hymns for Solo Piano Chung  Alfred  2008   Pno    
Clarke, Fantasy on an Irish Ballad Clarke    MorningStar  1994 Org      
Complete Worship Suites, The Mier 18   Alfred  2009   Pno    
Concordia Hymn Prelude Series, Vol. 38 Gerike 32   Concordia  1986 Org      
Copes, Intonations and Harmonizations Copes 15   Selah  1991 Org     HAcc
Culli, Easy Hymn Preludes for Organ, Vol. 5 Culli 54   Concordia  2006 Org      
Dahl, Organ Sings, The Dahl 54   Augsburg Fortress  2013 Org      
Diemer, God With Us Diemer 20   Sacred Music Press (Lorenz)  1994 Org      
Discover the Organ: Easter and Pentecost Seasons at the Organ Level 3 Fedak  Leupold  2002 Org      
Easy Organ Library, Vol. 4 Broughton 12   Lorenz  1987 Org      
Eggert, Creative Hymn Accompaniments for Organ, Volume 2 Eggert 90   Concordia  2000 Org     HAcc
ELW Introductions and Alternate Accompaniments for Organ, Volume 9, Hymns 755-818 Kosche 765   Augsburg Fortress  2009 Org     HAcc
ELW Introductions and Alternate Accompaniments for Organ, Volume 9, Hymns 755-818 Lind 793   Augsburg Fortress  2009 Org     HAcc
ELW Introductions and Alternate Accompaniments for Organ, Volume 9, Hymns 755-818 Long 793   Augsburg Fortress  2009 Org     HAcc
ELW Introductions and Alternate Accompaniments for Piano, Volume 9, Hymns 755-818 Barnhouse 765   Augsburg Fortress  2009   Pno   HAcc
ELW Introductions and Alternate Accompaniments for Piano, Volume 9, Hymns 755-818 Hansen 793   Augsburg Fortress  2009   Pno   HAcc
Free Harmonizations of Hymn Tunes by Fifty American Composers, ed. Wasson Young 83   Hinshaw  1984 Org     HAcc
Galetar, Contemporary Hymn Accompaniments Galetar 16   Flammer  1989 Org     HAcc
Haan, Rejoice, the Lord is King Haan 22   Van Ness  1999 Org      
Ham, Be Thou My Vision: Creative Settings for the Pianist in Worship Ham  Lillenas  2000   Pno    
Hamilton, Outside the Lines Hamilton  Word  1999   Pno Instr  
Hancock, Organ Improvisations for Hymn-Singing Hancock  Hinshaw  1975 Org     HAcc
Hancock, Organ Improvisations for Hymn-Singing, Volume 2 Hancock 15   Hinshaw  1991 Org     HAcc
Hayes, Lord, Be Glorified, Volume 2 Hayes 54   Word  1992   Pno    
Hayes, Open My Heart to Worship: Eleven of the Most Popular Praise and Worship Songs Masterfully Arranged for Solo Piano Hayes 43   Alfred  2006   Pno    
Hobby, Three Hymns of Praise, Set 3 Hobby  MorningStar  1995 Org      
Hopson, Creative Use of Instruments in Worship, The (Creative Musician Series, The, Volume 5) Hopson 227   Hope  2000 Org   Instr HAcc
Hopson, Creative Use of the Organ in Worship, Volume 4 Hopson 153   Hope  2000 Org     HAcc
Hopson, Five Preludes on Familiar Hymns for Organ Hopson 12   Flammer  1988 Org      
Hopson, The Ultimate Organ Book for Weddings, Funerals and the Church Year Hopson 300   MorningStar  2007 Org      
Hurd, Intonations, Harmonizations and Interludes, Volume 13 Hurd 33   Selah  2008 Org     HAcc
Hymn Preludes and Free Accompaniments, Volume 09 Arnatt    Augsburg Fortress  1979 Org     HAcc
Hymnal Supplement 98, Organ Prelude Edition, Volume 5, Praise and Adoration Rotermund M  Concordia  2003 Org      
Hymns in Free Style Hegarty  Lorenz  1979 Org     HAcc
Hymnscapes: Hymn-Based Sketches for Organ, Volume 1 Visser  Leupold  2013 Org      
Johnson DN, Free Hymn Accompaniments for Manuals, Book 1 Johnson DN 24   Augsburg Fortress  1966 Org     HAcc
Jordan, Alice Jordan Collection, the, Vol. 2 Jordan 18   Belwin-Mills  1993 Org      
Keene, Ten Hymn Elaborations for Congregational Singing Keene  Flammer  1980 Org     HAcc
Keene, Twelve Improvisations on Familiar Hymns Keene  Warner Brothers  1995 Org     HAcc
Kerrick, I Stand Amazed, Hymns of Praise Arranged for Piano Solo Kerrick 16   Lillenas  2003   Pno    
Keveren, Celtic Collection, The Keveren  Hal Leonard  2000   Pno    
Kolander, Three Reflections on Slane, piano solo Kolander    Concordia  2000   Pno    
Krapf, In Christian Love Krapf  Sacred Music Press (Lorenz)  1990 Org      
Labenske, Keys to Praise Labenske  Ron Harris  1999   Pno    
Larkin, Be Thou My Vision: Ten Meditative Hymns for Piano Larkin  MorningStar  2004   Pno    
Lasky, All Glory, Laud, and Honor, Easy Settings for Organ Lasky 30   Augsburg Fortress  2006 Org      
Last Verses for Manuals Lloyd 210   Kevin Mayhew  1993 Org     HAcc
Leavitt, How Sweet the Sound Leavitt  Concordia  2000   Pno    
Let It Rip! At the Piano, Congregational Song Accompaniments Carlson 158   Augsburg Fortress  2000   Pno   HAcc
Limbaugh, Be Thou My Vision: Hymn Settings for Solo Piano Limbaugh  Harris  2005   Pno    
Lind, Piano Impressions for Worship Lind 19   Augsburg Fortress  2007   Pno    
Lovelace, Fourteen Hymn Preludes Lovelace 34   Augsburg Fortress  1982 Org      
Marohnic, Sanctuary Jazz Marohnic 22   GlorySound  1998   Pno    
Martin G, Something Old, Something New Van Iderstine 18   Lorenz  1974 Org      
Mealy, Ninety Easy Hymn Accompaniments Mealy 76   GIA  1997 Org     HAcc
Meyer, Seven Hymn Preludes and Harmonizations Meyer 26   Concordia  0 Org      
Meyer, Seven Hymn Preludes and Harmonizations Meyer 27   Concordia  0 Org     HAcc
Mier, Fellowship with God, Worship Suite for Late Intermediate Solo Piano Mier  Alfred  2005   Pno    
Near, Laudes Domini, Volume 1: 10 Hymn Introductions and Harmonizations for Organ Near 32   Concordia  2010 Org      
Oquin, All Things New: Distinctive Piano Literature on Beloved Hymnody and Song Oquin 71   Concordia  2006   Pno    
Ore, Eleven Compositions for Organ, Set 4 Ore 34   Concordia  1989 Org      
Organ Portfolio, 1979-06 Binckes 18   Lorenz  1979 Org      
Organ, Be Thou My Vision, Piano Reflections Organ 21   Augsburg Fortress  2007   Pno    
Parish Organist, Part 12 Arnatt 48   Concordia  1966 Org      
Pelz, Lord of All Hopefulness Pelz    Concordia  1981 Org     HAcc
Pethel, Great Hymns for the Intermediate Pianist Pethel 12   Lillenas  1999   Pno    
Pethel, Precious Name! Hymns Exalting the Christ, Arranged for Solo Piano Pethel  Lillenas  2009   Pno    
Phillips, In Celebration: Songs of Inspiration and Praise Phillips  GlorySound  2000   Pno    
Phillips, O Love, How Deep Phillips  MorningStar  2010 Org      
Pianist's Companion For the Church Year, Advent Through Lent Paxton 72   Unity (Lorenz)  1995   Pno    
Powell, Forty-eight Organ Descants on Well-Known Hymn Tunes Powell  GIA  1982 Org     HAcc
Powell, Powell for Piano: Twelve Settings of Traditional Hymn Tunes Powell 30   GIA  2008   Pno    
Pull Out the Stops! Congregational Song Accompaniments for Organ Volume 2 Christiansen 149   Augsburg Fortress  2005 Org     HAcc
Pull Out the Stops! Congregational Song Accompaniments for Organ Volume 2 Christiansen 151   Augsburg Fortress  2005 Org     HAcc
Purifoy, Contemporary Hymn Settings for Flute and Piano Purifoy 44   Unity (Lorenz)  1997   Pno Instr  
Raney, This Is My Story, This Is My Song, Piano Settings Raney  Hope  2003   Pno    
Reflections of Faith: Contemporary Piano Solos Edelmann  Unity (Lorenz)  1999   Pno    
Reimer, Lord, Be Glorified: Timeless Hymns in Classical Settings Reimer  Harris  2005   Pno    
Reuss, Organ Festivity: Joyous Hymn Settings Reuss 30   Augsburg Fortress  2005 Org      
Routley, 25 Festive Hymns for Organ and Choir Routley 23   Augsburg Fortress  1982 Org     HAcc
Sacred Organ Folio, No. 26 Iderstine  Lorenz  1982 Org      
Sacred Organ Journal, 1989-05 Broughton 41   Lorenz  1989 Org      
Sacred Organ Journal, 1994-09 Glyncannon 24   Lorenz  1994 Org      
Seidel, Blessed Assurance, Artistic Hymn Settings for Piano Seidel 22   Lorenz  2003   Pno    
Sewell, Contemporary Hymn Settings for Organ Sewell 18   Unity (Lorenz)  1998 Org      
Shackley, Celtic Hymn Settings for Piano Shackley  Hope  2001   Pno    
Shackley, Celtic Hymn Settings for Piano Shackley  Hope  2001   Pno    
Shaw, Easy Hymns for the Church Pianist, Volume 1 Shaw  Augsburg Fortress  2007   Pno    
Smith G, Creative Keyboard's Complete Church Pianist Smith G 56   Mel Bay  2000   Pno    
Smith, Hymns and Harmonizations Smith 44   Unity (Lorenz)  1997 Org     HAcc
Stewart, Contemporary Hymn Reflections for the Church Year for Piano Stewart 26   Unity (Lorenz)  1997   Pno    
Thompson, Let Me Walk With Thee: Hymns and Songs for the Journey of Faith, Solo Piano Thompson  Lillenas  2001   Pno    
Travis, Three Folk Hymn Improvisations for Organ Travis  MorningStar  1993 Org      
Tucker, Peace Like a River: Five Organ Miniatures Tucker  MorningStar  2006 Org      
Weber S, Nine Hymn Preludes for Organ, Volume 2 Weber S 19   Gray  1996 Org      
Weston, Visions, Set 1: Hymns for Reflections Weston  MorningStar  1998   Pno    
Wolff, Hymn Descants, Set 3 Wolff 17   Concordia  1993 Org   Instr HAcc
Wood, Festive Hymn Introductions for Organ Wood 21   Sacred Music Press (Lorenz)  1997 Org     HAcc
Wood, Wood Works for Organ Wood 17   Sacred Music Press (Lorenz)  1986 Org      
Wyrtzen, Fanfare and Pageant of Praise: Stirring Arrangements for Organ Wyrtzen 16   Word  1996 Org      
Wyrtzen, Let All Things Now Living, Volume 1: A Celebration of International Hymnody Wyrtzen  Harris  2004   Pno    
Wyrtzen, Precious Memories: Timeless Treasures of Gospel Music Wyrtzen  Word  1999   Pno    
Young G, Eight Organ Voluntaries on Familiar Hymn Tunes Young G  Presser  1961 Org      
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