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Book Composer Page Publisher Year Org Pno Inst HAcc
**Holy, Holy, Holy Dykes              
83 Musical Gifts, Part 2 Sobaje 265   Darcey  2004 Org      
Adams, I Come With Joy Adams 12   Augsburg Fortress  2007   Pno    
Albrecht T, Grace Notes 05 for Organ Albrecht T 22   Augsburg Fortress  1996 Org      
Alex-Zsolt, Draw Me Nearer Alex-Zsolt 42   Lillenas  2009   Pno    
All the Best for Piano Pethel 61   Lillenas  1998   Pno    
Arnatt, Hymn Descants and Free Harmonizations Arnatt 53   Augsburg Fortress  1990 Org     HAcc
Augsburg Organ Library: Easter Farlee 105   Augsburg Fortress  2000 Org      
Austin, Hymn Classics Austin 16   Willis  1997   Pno    
Baldridge, Immortal Praise Baldridge 48   Lillenas  1999 Org      
Beck, Forty-Seven Hymn Intonations Beck T 20   Concordia  1971 Org     HAcc
Bender, Twenty-Two Hymn Introductions, Vol. 3 Bender 23   Concordia  1979 Org     HAcc
Bennett, Our God Is Holy: Contemporary Songs and Timeless Hymns Bennett 10   Lillenas  2011   Pno    
Bennett, Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, Piano Arrangements Bennett 28   Monarch (Lorenz)  2001   Pno    
Berry, What Can I Play for Weddings?: 10 Easily Prepared Piano Arrangements Berry  Alfred  2010   Pno    
Bisbee, Hymn Introductions for Lent, Easter, Trinity Bisbee    MorningStar  1998 Org     HAcc
Blersch, Triptych on "Holy, Holy, Holy" Blersch    Concordia  2008 Org      
Bock, Bock's Best, Volume 4 Bock 140   Bock  1991   Pno    
Callahan, Art of Hymn Playing, The Callahan 88   MorningStar  2006 Org     HAcc
Callahan, Art of Hymn Playing, The Callahan 89   MorningStar  2006 Org     HAcc
Callahan, Great Victorian Hymns Callahan  MorningStar  1992 Org      
Callahan, Partita on Nicaea Callahan    MorningStar  1996 Org      
Callahan, Piano Improvisations on Familiar Hymns Callahan  MorningStar  1996   Pno    
Callahan, We Are Gathered: 12 Hymn Meditations for Piano Callahan  MorningStar  2015   Pno    
Callaway, PraiseHymns Callaway 51   Daybreak  2001   Pno    
Cassler, Organ Descants for Selected Hymn Tunes Cassler 24   Augsburg Fortress  1972 Org     HAcc
Cherwien, Interpretations Based on Hymn-Tunes for Organ, Book 04 Cherwien  AMSI  1984 Org      
Church Organist's Library, The, Volume 1: Music for General Use Hampton 66   Belwin Mills  1983 Org      
Complete Worship Suites, The Renfrow 106   Alfred  2009   Pno    
Concordia Hymn Prelude Series, Vol. 13 Busarow 43   Concordia  1982 Org      
Culli, For Manuals Only, Set 2 Culli 24   Concordia  2013 Org      
David, Here I Am, Lord David 24   Augsburg Fortress  2002   Pno    
Diemer, Seasonal Psalms for Organ, Volume 1 Diemer 20   Sacred Music Press (Lorenz)  1994 Org      
Discover the Organ: Basic Organ Repertoire, Level 2: Basic Volume Hunter 28   Leupold  2000 Org      
Eicker, To the Point: Short Chorale Preludes for Organ Eicker 11   Augsburg Fortress  2003 Org      
ELW Introductions and Alternate Accompaniments for Organ, Volume 3, Hymns 361-441 Benson 413   Augsburg Fortress  2008 Org     HAcc
ELW Introductions and Alternate Accompaniments for Piano, Volume 3, Hymns 361-441 Helgen 413   Augsburg Fortress  2008   Pno   HAcc
Farlee, Gaudeamus!: Hymn Preludes for Organ Farlee 28   Augsburg Fortress  1995 Org      
Ferguson, Hymn Harmonizations for Organ, Book 5 Ferguson 11   Ludwig  1992 Org     HAcc
Fettke, How Great is Our God: 12 Popular Praise and Worship Classics Fettke  Alfred  2007   Pno    
First Organ Book (ed. Leupold) Dinda 54   Leupold  2004 Org      
Free Harmonizations of Hymn Tunes, Vol. 2, ed. Wasson Swenson 150   Hinshaw  1986 Org     HAcc
Free Organ Accompaniments to Festival Hymns, Vol. 1 Pasquet 40   Augsburg Fortress  1963 Org     HAcc
Galetar, Contemporary Hymn Accompaniments Galetar 22   Flammer  1989 Org     HAcc
Goode, Hymn Variants for Organ Goode  Flammer  1987 Org     HAcc
Hamlin, Worship Hymns for Organ Hamlin 10   Bock  1997 Org      
Hancock, Organ Improvisations for Hymn-Singing Hancock 39   Hinshaw  1975 Org     HAcc
Harris, Ten Hymn Preludes in Trio Style, Set 1 Harris  Gray  1974 Org      
Hartsell, Hymns in Reflection Hartsell 12   Alfred  1993   Pno    
Hopson, Creative Use of Instruments in Worship, The (Creative Musician Series, The, Volume 5) Hopson 148   Hope  2000 Org   Instr HAcc
Hopson, Creative Use of the Organ in Worship, Volume 4 Hopson 97   Hope  2000 Org     HAcc
Hopson, The Ultimate Organ Book for Weddings, Funerals and the Church Year Hopson 382   MorningStar  2007 Org      
House, Face to Face: Eloquent Expressions of Worship for the Piano Soloist House 12   Lillenas  1984   Pno    
Hymn Prelude Library, Volume 8, Tunes NO deSilva 26   Concordia  2015 Org      
Hymn Preludes and Free Accompaniments, Volume 18 Eggert    Augsburg Fortress  1989 Org     HAcc
Hymns in Free Style Hegarty  Lorenz  1979 Org     HAcc
Innes, Majesty for Piano Innes  Hope     Pno    
Innes, Organ Hymns for Praise and Worship, #5 Innes 17   Bock  1983 Org      
Johnson B, Note-Worthy, Hymn Settings for Solo Piano Johnson B 16   Harris  2005   Pno    
Jones J, Organ Preludes on Favorite Hymns Jones J 28   Warner Brothers  1996 Org      
Jones J, Praise to the Lord: Accessible Hymn Settings for Organ Jones J 34   MorningStar  2007 Org      
Jordan, Joyful Noise, A Jordan  Broadman  1984 Org      
Jubilate, Volume 4 Trapp 25   Concordia  2009 Org      
Keveren, Hymn Medleys Keveren 44   Hal Leonard  2007   Pno    
Keveren, Hymn Solos for All Seasons, 15 Contemporary Arrangements of Favorite Hymns from the Church Year Keveren 15   Hal Leonard  1997   Pno    
Koerts, Wondrous Hymns, Book 2: 8 Contemporary Arrangements of Traditional Hymns of Power Koerts  Alfred  2011   Pno    
Kogut, Piano Reflections, Vol. 2, General Kogut  GIA  1994   Pno    
Kohlmann, Eighteen Hymn Transcriptions for Piano Kohlmann 12   Presser  1946   Pno    
Kosnick, Easy Hymn Preludes for Organ, Vol. 6 Kosnik 26   Concordia  2007 Org      
Krapf, Creative Hymn Accompaniments for Organ, Volume 2 Krapf 17   Sacred Music Press (Lorenz)  1994 Org     HAcc
Krapf, Organ Improvisation 39             
Krider, Creative Hymn Introductions Krider    MorningStar  1995 Org     HAcc
Labenske, Keys to Praise Labenske 30   Ron Harris  1999   Pno    
Larson, With Glad Adoration! Larson  Hope  1998   Pno    
Lasky, Twenty Intonations on Festive Hymns, Volume 1 Lasky 18   Gray  1996 Org     HAcc
Last Verses for Manuals Lloyd 152   Kevin Mayhew  1993 Org     HAcc
Leavitt, Our Songs Rise: Joyful Settings for Organ Leavitt 28   Augsburg Fortress  2012 Org      
Leavitt, With High Delight: Seven Preludes of Praise for Organ Leavitt  Concordia  2000 Org      
Let It Rip! At the Piano, Congregational Song Accompaniments Organ/Helgen 132   Augsburg Fortress  2000   Pno   HAcc
Mains R, Prayers Without Words, Piano Arrangements Mains R 15   GlorySound  2002   Pno    
McKinney, Preludes for Fifty-Five Well-Known Hymn Tunes McKinney 29   Fischer  1967 Org     HAcc
Mealy, Ninety Easy Hymn Accompaniments Mealy 59   GIA  1997 Org     HAcc
Mighty Fortress, A: Hymns of Trust and Assurance for Organ Prentiss 35   Lorenz  1996 Org      
Moore, Dona Nobis Pacem, Three for Piano and Solo Instrument Moore  Augsburg Fortress  2000   Pno Instr  
Moore, Our Great God: Eleven Inspiring Arrangements of Timeless Hymns Moore 14   Alfred  2012   Pno    
Noble, Free Organ Accompaniments to One Hundred Well-Known Hymn Tunes Noble 37   Fischer  1946 Org     HAcc
OCP Organ Series Anthology, Volume 2 Kreutz 36   OCP  1998 Org      
Organ Portfolio, 1985-04 Hughes 47   Lorenz  1985 Org      
Page, O the Deep Love of Jesus: A Reformation Suite Page 20   Concordia  2007 Org      
Parish Organist, Part 02 Canning 56   Concordia  1953 Org     HAcc
Pianist's Companion for the Church Year, Easter through Christ the King Purifoy 42   Unity (Lorenz)  1995   Pno    
Post, Phantasy on the Hymn Holy Holy Holy Post    Elkan-Vogel  1961 Org      
Pull Out the Stops! Congregational Song Accompaniments for Organ Carlson 163   Augsburg Fortress  2001 Org     HAcc
Purifoy, Contemporary Hymn Settings for Flute and Piano Purifoy 19   Unity (Lorenz)  1997   Pno Instr  
Purifoy, It Is Well With My Soul Purifoy 31   Lorenz  1992   Pno    
Raney, Overtures of Praise, piano solos Raney 22   Hope  2000   Pno    
Renfrow, Worship Christ the King Renfrow  Alfred  2006   Pno    
Rocherolle, Shall We Gather Rocherolle 12   Kjos  1996   Pno    
Rotermund D, Off the Page Rotermund D 94   MorningStar  2007 Org      
Rotermund D, Off the Page Rotermund D 95   MorningStar  2007 Org      
Rotermund D, Off the Page, Too: More Techniques for Creating Hymn-Based Organ Settings Rotermund D 155   Morningstar  2011 Org      
Rotermund D, Off the Page, Too: More Techniques for Creating Hymn-Based Organ Settings Rotermund D 196   Morningstar  2011 Org      
Routley, 25 Festive Hymns for Organ and Choir Routley 31   Augsburg Fortress  1982 Org     HAcc
Sacred Organ Journal, 1986-05 Smith 27   Lorenz  1986 Org      
Sacred Organ Journal, 1991-05 Broughton 27   Lorenz  1991 Org      
Schrader, Clarinet Stylings Schrader 34   Hope  1998   Pno Instr  
Schram, Prayludes for Spring, Flexible Piano Medleys for Lent, Easter and Pentecost Schram 18   Lorenz  2008   Pno    
Sewell, Contemporary Hymn Settings for Organ Sewell 13   Unity (Lorenz)  1998 Org      
Shaw, All Praise for Music: Easy Hymn Settings for Organ Shaw 14   Augsburg Fortress  2010 Org      
Shaw, My Redeemer Loves: Hymns of Comfort and Praise Shaw 20   Augsburg Fortress  2012   Pno    
Shay, Hymn Harmonizations, Set 1 Shay    MorningStar  1993 Org     HAcc
Smith G, Creative Keyboard's Complete Church Pianist Smith G 28   Mel Bay  2000   Pno    
Smith, Hymns and Harmonizations Smith 36   Unity (Lorenz)  1997 Org     HAcc
Songs for All Seasons, Volume 2: Hymn Settings for Piano Shehi 17   Augsburg Fortress  2005   Pno    
Sprunger, In Jubilant Song, Proclamations of Faith for Solo Piano Sprunger 24   SoundForth  2015   Pno    
Stearns, Eight Hymn Preludes for Ascension and Pentecost Stearns 27   Flammer  1988 Org      
Stearns, Thirty-Two Free Harmonizations of Familiar Hymns, Volume 2 Stearns 18   Flammer  1996 Org     HAcc
Tate, Piano Solo Book Tate  GIA  2004   Pno    
Taylor C, O Worship the King, Expressions of Praise and Adoration Taylor C  Lillenas  2004   Pno    
Tingley, Sacred Inspirations Tingley 14   Alfred  2000   Pno    
Tornquist, Sunday Morning Blend Tornquist 68   Word  2000   Pno    
Tornquist, Sunday Morning Blend, Volume 5: Hymns Plus Praise and Worship Songs Tornquist 50   Word Music  2012   Pno    
United Methodist Hymnal Music Supplement 245   Abingdon  1991       HAcc
United Methodist Hymnal Music Supplement 247   Abingdon  1991       HAcc
United Methodist Hymnal Music Supplement 248   Abingdon  1991       HAcc
Weston, Visions, Set 2: Hymns of Praise Weston  MorningStar  1999   Pno    
White, It is Well With My Soul: Hymns of Hope and Assurance White 16   Lillenas  2001   Pno    
Willan, Thirty-Six Short Preludes and Postludes on Well-Known Hymn Tunes, Set 1 Willan 14   Peters  1960 Org      
Wold, Intonations, Volume 14 Hurd 12   Selah  2008 Org     HAcc
Wonacott, Joyful New Noise, A, Contemporary Variations for Piano Wonacott 10   Augsburg Fortress  2009   Pno    
Wood, Festive Hymn Introductions for Organ Wood 18   Sacred Music Press (Lorenz)  1997 Org     HAcc
Wood, New Settings of Twenty Well-Known Hymn Tunes Wood 24   Augsburg Fortress  1968 Org     HAcc
World's Favorite Hymn Variations for Piano Solo Grant 40   Ashley  1969   Pno    
Wyrtzen, Fanfare and Pageant of Praise: Stirring Arrangements for Organ Wyrtzen 34   Word  1996 Org      
Young G, Versatile Variations Young G 34   Sacred Music Press (Lorenz)  1981 Org     HAcc
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