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Book Composer Page Publisher Year Org Pno Inst HAcc
Augsburg Organ Library: Christmas Williams 23   Augsburg Fortress  2001 Org      
Big Blue Book of Intermediate Piano Solos Barker 105   Word  1999   Pno    
Bock, Bock's Best, Volume 3: Christmas Bock 20   Bock  1984   Pno    
Callahan, Christmas Music for Manuals Callahan  MorningStar  1990 Org      
Carols A to Z: 38 Organ Settings for Worship or Recital Payne 133   Lorenz  2014 Org      
Carter, Christmas Jazz: Suite for Piano Carter  Augsburg Fortress  2010   Pno    
Carter, More Carols for Piano Carter 10   Hope  1995   Pno    
Chapin, Greet the New Morn, Piano Music for Advent and Christmas Chapin 13   Concordia  2008   Pno    
Chimes for Christmas Higgins 26   Lorenz  1989 Org      
Christmas Album for Organ, A Martin 97   Belwin Mills  1984 Org      
Chung, Expressions of Christmas: Eight Inventive Explorations of Classic Carols for Solo Piano Chung  Alfred  2011   Pno    
Concordia Hymn Prelude Series, Vol. 03 Engel 12   Concordia  1982 Org      
Cotter, Many Snows Cotter  Mythic Rain  9999   Pno    
Dinda, Seasonal Hymn Preludes, Volume 3, Christmas Part 2 Dinda 10   Leupold  1997 Org      
Eggert, Creative Hymn Accompaniments for Organ, Volume 2 Eggert 20   Concordia  2000 Org     HAcc
ELW Introductions and Alternate Accompaniments for Organ, Volume 1, Hymns 239-303 Benson 278   Augsburg Fortress  2007 Org     HAcc
ELW Introductions and Alternate Accompaniments for Piano, Volume 1, Hymns 239-303 Rowland-Raybold 278   Augsburg Fortress  2007   Pno   HAcc
Gift of Heaven: Seasonal Meditations for Organ Scott 46   Lorenz  2000 Org      
Glick, Piano Arrangements for Worship: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany Glick 18   Augsburg Fortress  2001   Pno    
Gold Book, The: The Country Western Collection Murray  John Rich  1998   Pno    
Haan, Organ Reflections for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany Haan 16   Sacred Music Press (Lorenz)  1984 Org      
Hancock, Organ Improvisations for Advent and Christmas Hymns Hancock  Hinshaw  1991 Org     HAcc
Hassell, Jazz Nativity, For Piano Hassell  Augsburg Fortress  2004   Pno    
Held, Christmas Comes Again Held 10   MorningStar  1991 Org      
Held, Organ Settings of Children's Hymns Held  Augsburg Fortress  1993 Org      
Hess, Away in a Manger Hess    Concordia  1995 Org     HAcc
Hopson, Creative Use of Instruments in Worship, The (Creative Musician Series, The, Volume 5) Hopson 34   Hope  2000 Org   Instr HAcc
Hopson, Creative Use of the Organ in Worship, Volume 4 Kirkpatrick 21   Hope  2000 Org     HAcc
Hurd, Intonations, Harmonizations and Interludes, Volume 13 Hurd 13   Selah  2008 Org     HAcc
Hustad, Don Hustad At the Piano Hustad 16   Hope  1976   Pno    
Hymn Prelude Library, Volume 2, Tunes BC Ore 104   Concordia  2013 Org      
Hymn Preludes and Free Accompaniments, Volume 24 Haan    Augsburg Fortress  1995 Org     HAcc
Innes, Christmas Carols at the Organ Innes 25   Hope  1979 Org      
Innes, Christmas Carols at the Piano Innes 19   Hope  1990   Pno    
Innes, Christmas Carols at the Piano Innes 19   Hope  1990   Pno    
Jordan, Alice Jordan Collection, the, Vol. 2 Jordan 12   Belwin-Mills  1993 Org      
Jordan, Season At a Time, A Jordan 38   Broadman  1977 Org      
Last Verses for Manuals Lloyd 48   Kevin Mayhew  1993 Org     HAcc
Lau, Holy Night: More Classic Carols for Organ Lau  Flammer  1995 Org      
Leavitt, Sweet Songs of Christmas Leavitt 10   Brookfield  2000   Pno    
Let It Rip! At the Piano, Congregational Song Accompaniments, Volume 2 David 46   Augsburg Fortress  2003   Pno   HAcc
Limburg, Carols for Piano Limburg  Concordia  2006   Pno    
Lind, Christmas Lullabies and Carols for Piano Lind  Augsburg Fortress  2005   Pno    
Lochstampfor, Carols for Christmas Lochstampfor 14   Augsburg Fortress  2002 Org      
Mann, 'Tis the Season, Preludes for Treble Instrument and Keyboard Mann 10   Augsburg Fortress  2001   Pno Instr  
Martin G, Four Carol Meditations Martin G  Beckenhorst  1994 Org      
Martin G, Organ Hymn Arrangements Martin G 30   Lorenz  1989 Org      
Martin, Child in the Manger: Organ Meditations for Christmas Martin  Lorenz  2011 Org      
Maxwell, Incarnate Mystery, 8 Chorale Preludes Maxwell 10   Concordia  2007 Org      
Murphy, Joy to the World: Piano Settings Murphy  Augsburg Fortress  2012   Pno    
Ore, Eleven Compositions for Organ, Set 6 Ore 34   Concordia  1995 Org      
Ore, Eleven Compositions for Organ, Set 6 Ore 40   Concordia  1995 Org      
Organist's Library, Vol. 6 Paxton 45   Lorenz  1988 Org      
Osterland, I Wonder as I Wander: Seasonal Hymn Preludes Osterland  Augsburg Fortress  1998 Org      
Pearce, Basic Hymn Accompaniments, Volume 1: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany Pearce  Concordia  1988 Org     HAcc
Perkins, Christmas Hope Perkins 22   Hope  1992   Pno    
Piano Plus: Hymns for Piano and Treble Instrument, Advent/Christmas Mann 12   Augsburg Fortress  2006   Pno Instr HAcc
Piano Plus: Hymns for Piano and Treble Instrument, Advent/Christmas Moore 18   Augsburg Fortress  2006   Pno Instr HAcc
Porter EM, At the Manger Porter, EM  MorningStar  1996 Org      
Powell, Forty-eight Organ Descants on Well-Known Hymn Tunes Powell  GIA  1982 Org     HAcc
Pull Out the Stops! Congregational Song Accompaniments for Organ Volume 2 Benson 40   Augsburg Fortress  2005 Org     HAcc
Riemer, Worship Christ, the Newborn King: Blending Carols and Classics Riemer 38   Lillenas  2010   Pno    
Sacred Organ Journal, 1992-11 Koury 33   Lorenz  1992 Org      
Sallee, Inspirational Christmas Medleys: Nine Solo Piano Arrangements of Timeless Carols Sallee 10   Alfred  2012   Pno    
Schelat, Hymn Enrichments, Set 2 Schelat    MorningStar  1997 Org     HAcc
Seal, Hear the Angels Sing: Christmas Carols for the Piano Soloist Seal 18   Lillenas  2010   Pno    
Seidel, An Anthology of Sacred Piano Arrangements, Vol. 2 Seidel 29   Grace Unlimited  1998   Pno    
Shay, Hymn Harmonizations, Set 2: Christmas Season Shay    MorningStar  1993 Org     HAcc
Smith L, Reflections of Christmas: Quiet Settings for Organ and Optional Flute Smith L  Lorenz  2015 Org      
Sprunger, Fireside Christmas, Carols for Home and Worship (Piano) Sprunger 28   SoundForth  2014   Pno    
Stearns, Twelve Free Harmonizations of Favorite Christmas Hymns and Carols for Organ Stearns  Flammer  1996 Org     HAcc
Wagner, A Quiet Christmas Wagner  Hope  1999 Org      
Williams, Two Christmas Preludes Williams  MorningStar  1995 Org      
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