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Verses   Week Year Services
1:18-25 An angel appears to Joseph. 4 Advent   A See Lutheran Men in Mission
2:1-12 The wise menís search after Christ
The wise men worship Jesus.
Epiphany   A,B,C January 6, 2004
2:13-18 Jesus carried into Egypt.
Herod causes the infants of Bethlehem to be massacred.
The Holy Innocents, Martyrs   A,B,C December 28, 2003
4:12-23 The opening of Christís ministry in Galilee.
Call of Simon and others.
Epiphany 3   A January 27, 2008
January 23, 2005
9:9-13 Matthew called.
Matthew, or Leviís feast.
St. Matthew   A,B,C September 21, 2003
13:31-33,44-52 The parables of the mustard-seed and the leaven.
The parables of the hidden treasure, the pearl of great price, the net cast into the sea, and the householder.
July 24-30 Proper 12 A  
14:13-21 Five thousand people miraculously fed. July 31-August 6 Proper 13 A  
14:22-33 Jesus walks upon the sea. August 7-13 Proper 14 A  
15:10-28 He warns against things which really defile.
He heals the daughter of a Syrophenician woman.
August 14-20 Proper 15 A  
15:32-39 Jesus heals the sick, and miraculously feeds four thousand.        
16:13-20 Peterís testimony that Jesus was the Christ. August 21-27 Proper 16 A  
16:21-28 Christ foretells his sufferings, and rebukes Peter.
The necessity of self-denial.
August 28-September 3 Proper 17 A  
17:1-9 The transfiguration of Christ. Transfiguration of Our Lord   A February 3, 2008
February 6, 2005
18:15-20 The removal of offences. September 4-10 Proper 18 A  
20:1-16 The parable of the labourers in the vineyard. September 18-24 Proper 20 A  
24:45-51 Exhortations to watchfulness.        
25:14-30 The parable of the talents. November 13-19 Proper 28 A  

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