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Book Composer Page Publisher Year Org Pno Inst HAcc
Albrecht M, Easy Timeless Tunes, Volume 2, for Solo Instrument and Keyboard Albrecht M  Augsburg Fortress  2005   Pno Instr  
Albrecht T, Grace Notes 05 for Organ Albrecht T 23   Augsburg Fortress  1996 Org      
Augsburg Organ Library: Lent Cherwien 78   Augsburg Fortress  2000 Org      
Bender, Master Organ Works of Jan Bender: Chorale Preludes for Organ or Piano, Volume 1 Bender 56   Concordia  2005 Org Pno    
Bender, Twenty-Three Hymn Introductions, Vol. 5 Bender 30   Concordia  1984 Org     HAcc
Bingham, Twelve Hymn Preludes for Organ, Set 2 Bingham  Gray  1942 Org      
Bisbee, Hymn Introductions for Lent, Easter, Trinity Bisbee    MorningStar  1998 Org     HAcc
Burkhardt, Easy Hymn Settings Lent Burkhardt 15   MorningStar  1992 Org     HAcc
Carter, Reflections on Holy Week for Organ Carter 20   Hope  1996 Org      
Carter, Wondrous Cross, The, for Piano Carter 14   Hope  1994   Pno    
Cassler, Hymntune Preludes for the Organ, Vol. 2: Lent, Palm Sunday, Easter Cassler  Augsburg Fortress  1961 Org      
Cherwien, Toccata on In the Cross of Christ I Glory Cherwien    MorningStar  1989 Org      
Complete Worship Suites, The Ham 44   Alfred  2009   Pno    
Concordia Hymn Prelude Series, Vol. 09 Engel  Concordia  1982 Org      
Copes, Intonations and Harmonizations Copes 15   Selah  1991 Org     HAcc
Discover the Organ: Easter and Pentecost Seasons at the Organ, Level 2 Fedak 23   Leupold  2000 Org      
ELW Introductions and Alternate Accompaniments for Organ, Volume 2, Hymns 304-360 Lasky 324   Augsburg Fortress  2007 Org     HAcc
ELW Introductions and Alternate Accompaniments for Piano, Volume 2, Hymns 304-360 Carlson 324   Augsburg Fortress  2007   Pno   HAcc
Emergency Organ Book, Volume 3 Scriveyner 30   Lorenz  1989 Org      
Fedak, Eight Meditative Preludes for Organ Fedak 18   Concordia  2016 Org      
Flexible Communion Music for Organ Whitford 46   Lorenz  1985 Org      
Free Harmonizations of Hymn Tunes, Vol. 2, ed. Wasson Gerike 65   Hinshaw  1986 Org     HAcc
Galetar, Contemporary Hymn Accompaniments Galetar 24   Flammer  1989 Org     HAcc
Haan, Rejoice, the Lord is King Haan 12   Van Ness  1999 Org      
Ham, Holy Communion-A View of the Cross Ham  Alfred  2007   Pno    
Hassell, Jazz Lenten Journey, For Piano Hassell  Augsburg Fortress  2000   Pno    
Hebble, Near the Cross, Holy Week Reflections for Organ Hebble  Lorenz  2009 Org      
Hebble, Palms, Passion & Victory, An Organ Suite for Holy Week Hebble  Sacred Music Press  2007 Org      
Held, Suite of Passion Hymn Settings, A Held  Concordia  1967 Org      
Hopson, Creative Use of Instruments in Worship, The (Creative Musician Series, The, Volume 5) Hopson 176   Hope  2000 Org   Instr HAcc
Hopson, Creative Use of the Organ in Worship, Volume 4 Hopson 119   Hope  2000 Org     HAcc
Hudson, Hymn Trios for the New Organist Hudson 27             
Hudson, Hymn Trios for the New Organist, Volume 3 Hudson 27   Leupold  1994 Org      
Hymn Prelude Library, Volume 9, Tunes PQR Petersen LL 38   Concordia  2016 Org      
Hymn Preludes and Free Accompaniments, Volume 04 Lovelace    Augsburg Fortress  1978 Org     HAcc
Hymns in Free Style Smith  Lorenz  1979 Org     HAcc
Just As I Am and Other Lenten Hymns for Organ Broughton 19   Lorenz  1996 Org      
Keys of the Kingdom: Piano Arrangements for Lent Carter 26   Abingdon  1998   Pno    
Krapf, Creative Hymn Accompaniments for Organ, Volume 2 Krapf 21   Sacred Music Press (Lorenz)  1994 Org     HAcc
Labenske, Sunday Morning Special Services Companion Labenske 56   Alfred  2013   Pno    
Lau, Lenten Preludes Lau  Flammer  1990 Org      
Leavitt, Adoration: Songs of Worship (Piano) Leavitt 20   Brookfield  2000   Pno    
Leavitt, Little Passion Suite for Organ, A Leavitt 12   Concordia  1995 Org      
Let It Rip! At the Piano, Congregational Song Accompaniments, Volume 2 Carlson 148   Augsburg Fortress  2003   Pno   HAcc
Linker, Hymns of the Cross: Six Meditations for Lent or Communion Linker 11   Beckenhorts  1989 Org      
Linker, Last Verse for Lent, Palm Sunday and Easter, The Linker 28   Beckenhorst  1995 Org     HAcc
Lovelace, Preludes on Two Lenten Hymns Lovelace  AMSI  1989 Org      
Martin, Ah, Holy Jesus! Holy Week Meditations for the Piano Martin 14   Sacred Music Press  2007   Pno    
Maxwell, Crucified and Risen Lord Maxwell 12   Concordia  2008 Org      
Mazzatenta, In the Light of the Cross, Piano Solos for Lent and Easter Mazzatenta  SoundForth  2015   Pno    
McKinney, Preludes for Fifty-Five Well-Known Hymn Tunes McKinney 17   Fischer  1967 Org     HAcc
Meyer, Easy Hymn Accompaniments for Organ or Piano Meyer 37   Concordia  1992 Org Pno   HAcc
Nelson, Easy Hymn Settings for Organ, Volume 3 Nelson 14   Augsburg Fortress  2013 Org      
Noble, Free Organ Accompaniments to One Hundred Well-Known Hymn Tunes Noble 47   Fischer  1946 Org     HAcc
Organ Portfolio, 1992-02 Smith 14   Lorenz  1992 Org      
Organist's Library, Vol. 5 Hegarty 11   Lorenz  1987 Org      
Parish Organist, Part 12 Lubrich  Concordia  1966 Org      
Pearce, Basic Hymn Accompaniments, Volume 2: Lent, Easter, Pentecost Pearce 26   Concordia  1988 Org     HAcc
Rotermund D, Introductions, Interludes, and Codes, Set 2 Rotermund D  MorningStar  2000 Org     HAcc
Sacred Organ Journal, 1986-01 Paxton 62   Lorenz  1986 Org      
Sanborn, A Month of Sundays: Easter and Lent Sanborn 10   Alfred  2003   Pno    
Seidel, An Anthology of Sacred Piano Arrangements, Vol. 2 Seidel 19   Grace Unlimited  1998   Pno    
Seidel, Wondrous Cross, The, Artistic Settings of Eight Hymns for Lent and Easter Seidel 14   Lorenz  2002   Pno    
Smith G, Creative Keyboard's Complete Church Pianist Smith G 44   Mel Bay  2000   Pno    
Smith G, Creative Keyboard's Complete Church Pianist Smith G 49   Mel Bay  2000   Pno    
St. Cecilia Collection of Music for Lent and Easter Cooke 42   Gray   Org      
Treasury of Gospel Favorites for Organ, No. 2 Martens 42   Lorenz  1982 Org      
United Methodist Hymnal Music Supplement 277   Abingdon  1991       HAcc
Walters, Concert Piano Solos, for Contests and Ministries Walters 18   Hope  1985   Pno    
Weber JB, Soli Deo Gloria, Set 1: 8 Distinctive Chorale Preludes for Every Organist Weber JB 25   Concordia  2012 Org      
Whitworth, Let Us Break Bread Together: Hymn Settings for Organ Whitworth 18   Church Street  1981 Org      
Wolff, Hymn Descants, Set 2 Wolff 25   Concordia  1990 Org   Instr HAcc
World's Favorite Hymn Variations for Piano Solo Grant 65   Ashley  1969   Pno    
Young G, Hymn Preludes for the Church Service Young G 13   Flammer  1964 Org      
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