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Book Composer Page Publisher Year Org Pno Inst HAcc
Abide with Me: Funeral Hymns Arranged for the Church Pianist Broughton 26   Lorenz  2000   Pno    
Albrecht M, Timeless Tunes for Solo Instrument and Piano, Vol. 2 Albrecht M 10   Augsburg Fortress  2001   Pno Instr  
Albrecht T, Grace Notes 10 Albrecht T 11   Augsburg Fortress  2002 Org      
Alexander, Sacred Silhouettes Alexander  Alfred  1990   Pno    
Auld, Sacred Transcriptions for the Piano No. 1 Auld 15        Pno    
Bennett, Our God Is Holy: Contemporary Songs and Timeless Hymns Bennett 34   Lillenas  2011   Pno    
Bennett, Our God Is Holy: Contemporary Songs and Timeless Hymns Bennett 58   Lillenas  2011   Pno    
Callahan, Gospel Prelude Collection Callahan 24   MorningStar  2011 Org      
Campfield, Hymns of Majesty and Contemplation, Volume 1 Campfield 10   Bock  2002 Org      
Carlson, Come, Thou Fount: Piano Solos to Touch the Heart Carlson 26   Augsburg Fortress  2004   Pno    
Carter, Hymns for Piano Carter 16   Hope  1991   Pno    
Carter, Hymns for Piano, Volume 2 Carter 15   Hope  2003   Pno    
Caudill, A Quiet Time in the Garden of Prayer Caudill 18   Lillenas  1999 Org      
Courtney, Classical Hymns Courtney 33   Beckenhorst  2003        
Curry, Curry and Salsa Curry 43   GlorySound  2000   Pno    
Diemer, Preludes to the Past, Volume 3 Diemer  Sacred Music Press (Lorenz)  1992 Org      
ELW Introductions and Alternate Accompaniments for Organ, Volume 2, Hymns 304-360 Porter, E.M. 335   Augsburg Fortress  2007 Org     HAcc
ELW Introductions and Alternate Accompaniments for Piano, Volume 2, Hymns 304-360 Carlson 335   Augsburg Fortress  2007   Pno   HAcc
Gospel Time for Piano, Vol. 2 Prestwood 31   Lorenz  1997   Pno    
Hassell, Jazz Lenten Journey, For Piano Hassell 16   Augsburg Fortress  2000   Pno    
Hayes, Well-Tempered Praise 2 (piano) Hayes 42   GlorySound  1983   Pno    
Hebble, Near the Cross, Holy Week Reflections for Organ Hebble 11   Lorenz  2009 Org      
Hustad, Collected Works of Don Hustad, The Hustad 65   Hope  1976 Org      
Hustad, Organ Preludes on Hymns Old and New Hustad 26   Hope  1960 Org      
Images of the Cross: Practical Preludes for Lent and Easter at the Piano Seidel 10   Lorenz  2005   Pno    
Johnson DR, Exalted Praise Johnson DR 12   Lillenas  1995 Org      
Keys of the Kingdom: Piano Arrangements for Lent Hornibrook 35   Abingdon  1998   Pno    
Kohlmann, More Concert Transcriptions of Favorite Hymns for Piano Kohlmann 33   Presser  1944   Pno    
Larson, Images of the Cross Larson  Thomas House  2000   Pno    
Lau, Reflections on the Son: Meditations for Piano Lau 22   Lorenz  2001   Pno    
Let It Rip! At the Piano, Congregational Song Accompaniments, Volume 2 Carlson 127   Augsburg Fortress  2003   Pno   HAcc
Looney, Quiet Reflections, Volume 1 Looney  John Rich  2000   Pno    
Martin G, Mourning Lamb, The: Holy Week Meditations Martin G  Hinshaw  1989 Org      
Organ Portfolio, 1979-06 Sewell 20   Lorenz  1979 Org      
Organist's Library, Vol. 5 Denton 20   Lorenz  1987 Org      
Palm Sunday to Easter Prestwood 19   Lorenz  2001   Pno    
Pethel, By Request Pethel 14   GlorySound  1999   Pno    
Pethel, To God Be the Glory: Best Loved Hymns of Fanny Crosby Pethel 22   Harris  2003   Pno    
Powell, Rejoice, Give Thanks, and Sing: Hymn Preludes for Organ Powell 24   Augsburg Fortress  2010 Org      
Raney, An Instrument of Your Peace Raney 37   Hope  1998   Pno    
Riley, Come, Thou Fount: Timeless Hymns for Today's Church Riley 42   Lillenas  2005   Pno    
Sacred Organ Folio, No. 26 Binckes 68   Lorenz  1982 Org      
Schmoltze, Song in the Journey, A: New and Old Tunes for Organ Schmoltze 23   Augsburg Fortress  2008 Org      
Seidel, Wondrous Cross, The, Artistic Settings of Eight Hymns for Lent and Easter Seidel 18   Lorenz  2002   Pno    
Southbridge, Let Me Walk With Thee: Artistic Settings of Enduring Meditative Hymns Southbridge  Lorenz  2010 Org      
Treasury of Gospel Favorites for Organ, No. 2 Martens 42   Lorenz  1982 Org      
Treasury of Gospel Favorites for Organ, No. 3 Smith 50   Lorenz  1985 Org      
Turner, Hymns with a Contemporary Touch Turner 52   Lillenas  1999   Pno    
White M, A Story to Tell: Hymns for the Journey of Faith, Arranged for the Piano Soloist White M 19   Alfred  2010   Pno    
Whitworth, Let Us Break Bread Together: Hymn Settings for Organ Whitworth 12   Church Street  1981 Org      
World's Favorite Hymn Variations for Piano Solo Grant 78   Ashley  1969   Pno    
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