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Book Composer Page Publisher Year Org Pno Inst HAcc
**Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates Marks              
Bender, Little Choral Preludes for Organ (or Piano), Volume 1 Bender 28   Barenreiter  1965 Org Pno    
Bender, Master Organ Works of Jan Bender: Chorale Preludes for Organ (M-Z) Volume 3 Bender  Concordia  2005 Org      
Bender, Twenty Hymn Introductions, Vol. 1 Bender 14   Concordia  1974 Org     HAcc
Cassler, Organ Descants for Selected Hymn Tunes Cassler 15   Augsburg Fortress  1972 Org     HAcc
Concordia Hymn Prelude Series, Vol. 01 Johnson 30   Concordia  1982 Org      
Discover the Organ: Basic Organ Repertoire, Level 1: Basic Volume Barr 47   Leupold  1998 Org      
ELW Introductions and Alternate Accompaniments for Organ, Volume 1, Hymns 239-303 Carlson 259   Augsburg Fortress  2007 Org     HAcc
ELW Introductions and Alternate Accompaniments for Piano, Volume 1, Hymns 239-303 Mayo 259   Augsburg Fortress  2007   Pno   HAcc
Forchhammer, Chorale Preludes Forchhammer 11   Harmonia  1987 Org      
Free Organ Accompaniments to Hymns, Vol. 2: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany Johnson  Augsburg Fortress  1965 Org     HAcc
Hymn Prelude Library, Volume 7, Tunes M Kolander  Concordia  2015 Org      
Hymn Preludes and Free Accompaniments, Volume 13 Krapf    Augsburg Fortress  1979 Org     HAcc
Johnson DN, Music for Worship for Manuals Johnson DN  Augsburg Fortress  1969 Org      
Karg-Elert, Sixty-Six Chorale-Improvisations, Volume 1 Karg-Elert 14   Masters  9999 Org      
Kickstat, 6 Advent Chorales for Manuals Kickstat  MorningStar  1990 Org      
Lange, A Heritage of Hymns arranged for Piano Lange 17   Concordia  1972   Pno   HAcc
Let It Rip! At the Piano, Congregational Song Accompaniments, Volume 2 Mayo 114   Augsburg Fortress  2003   Pno   HAcc
Leupold, An Organ Book Leupold  Chantry  1960 Org      
Oliver, Advent Keyboard Seasons Oliver  Augsburg Fortress  1996   Pno    
Organist, 1990-11 Balcombe 35   Lorenz  1990 Org      
Parish Organist, Part 05, Advent and Christmas Music Bender  Concordia  1955 Org      
Pearce, Basic Hymn Accompaniments, Volume 1: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany Pearce 24   Concordia  1988 Org     HAcc
Peeters, Thirty Chorale Preludes for Organ, Vol. 3 Peeters  Peters  1950 Org      
Pepping, Grosses Orgelbuch Vol. 1 Pepping  Schott  1941 Org      
Pepping, Grosses Orgelbuch Vol. 1 Pepping 10   Schott  1941 Org      
Piano Plus: Hymns for Piano and Treble Instrument, Advent/Christmas Cool 33   Augsburg Fortress  2006   Pno Instr HAcc
Preludes and Postludes, Vol. 2 Hudson 21   Augsburg Fortress  1973 Org      
Pull Out the Stops! Congregational Song Accompaniments for Organ Carlson 148   Augsburg Fortress  2001 Org     HAcc
Raabe, Foot-Friendly Preludes Raabe 18   Augsburg Fortress  2013 Org      
Reger, Thirty Short Chorale Preludes Reger 16   Peters  1915 Org      
Rohlig, Chorale Preludes of Harald Rohlic, Set 2 Rohlig 35   Concordia  2011 Org      
Walcha, Choralvorspiele Fur Orgel, Set 1 Walcha  Peters  1954 Org      
Wolff, Hymn Descants, Set 1 Wolff 15   Concordia  1990 Org   Instr HAcc
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