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Book Composer Page Publisher Year Org Pno Inst HAcc
*Abide with Me Bertalot              
*An Upper Room with Evening Lamps Ashine              
Abide with Me: Funeral Hymns Arranged for the Church Pianist Matthews  Lorenz  2000   Pno    
Alexander, Sacred Silhouettes Revisited Alexander  Alfred  1994   Pno    
Anderson, In Memoriam: Organ Meditations for Funerals and Memorial Services Anderson  Lorenz  2004 Org      
Ashdown, Eventide Collection, The Ashdown 13   Concordia  2006 Org      
Augsburg Organ Library: Healing and Funeral Petersen LL 25   Augsburg Fortress  2000 Org      
Beck T, Abide with Me Beck T    Concordia  1991 Org   Instr HAcc
Berry, Timeless: Great Hymns of the Faith Berry  Harris  2003   Pno    
Berry, What Can I Play for Funerals?: Fourteen Easily Prepared Piano Arrangements Berry 38   Alfred  2012   Pno    
Bisbee, From the Serene to the Whimsical Bisbee 15   Augsburg Fortress  1994 Org     HAcc
Bish, Diane Bish Organ Book, The, Volume 2 Bish  Bock  1982 Org      
Bottomley, Piano Sunday Morning, Volume 2 Bottomley  Augsburg Fortress  2013   Pno    
Burkhardt, As Though the Whole Creation Cried, Volume 2: Fifty Hymn Harmonizations for Organ Burkhardt 32   MorningStar  2009 Org      
Callahan, Art of Hymn Playing, The Callahan 46   MorningStar  2006 Org     HAcc
Callahan, Art of Hymn Playing, The Callahan 47   MorningStar  2006 Org     HAcc
Callahan, Funeral Music for Manuals Callahan 11   MorningStar  1995 Org      
Callahan, Great Evening Hymns for Manuals Callahan  MorningStar  1997 Org      
Concordia Hymn Prelude Series, Vol. 24 Lang 36   Concordia  1983 Org      
Culli, Saints With Christ: Ten Chorale Preludes of Eternal Hope and Comfort Culli 16   Concordia  2007 Org      
Dean, Classical Piano Worship, Hymn Settings in the Style of the Masters Dean  Harris  2005   Pno    
Diemer, Preludes to the Past Diemer  Sacred Music Press (Lorenz)  1990 Org      
ELW Introductions and Alternate Accompaniments for Organ, Volume 6, Hymns 574-639 Culli 629   Augsburg Fortress  2007 Org     HAcc
ELW Introductions and Alternate Accompaniments for Piano, Volume 6, Hymns 574-639 Oines 629   Augsburg Fortress  2007   Pno   HAcc
Eternity of Praise, An: 30 Chorale Preludes from Present-Day Germany Horn 12   Concordia  1999 Org      
Evans, Beautiful Hymns and Spirituals Evans 24   Hal Leonard  1989   Pno    
Free Harmonizations of Hymn Tunes, Vol. 2, ed. Wasson Swenson 37   Hinshaw  1986 Org     HAcc
Galetar, Contemporary Hymn Accompaniments Galetar  Flammer  1989 Org     HAcc
Gawthrop, Hymn Accompaniments for Congregational Singing Gawthrop 16   Gray  1989 Org     HAcc
Haan, King of Love, The Haan 25   Sacred Music Press (Lorenz)  1983 Org      
Ham, Come Unto Me: Ten Comforting Solo Piano Arrangements for Worship Ham  Alfred  2011   Pno    
Hancock, Organ Improvisations for Hymn-Singing Hancock 21   Hinshaw  1975 Org     HAcc
Harris, Ten Hymn Preludes in Trio Style, Set 1 Harris  Gray  1974 Org      
Hassell, Jazz Sunday Morning, Piano Arrangements Hassell  Augsburg Fortress  1995   Pno    
Hazard, Eternal Spirit: Introspective Settings of Eight Ageless Hymns Hazard  Lorenz  1997   Pno    
Hobby, For All the Saints: Hymn Preludes for Funerals Hobby 12   Augsburg Fortress  2002 Org      
Hobby, Three Evening Hymns, Set 1 Hobby            
Hopson, Creative Use of Instruments in Worship, The (Creative Musician Series, The, Volume 5) Hopson 67   Hope  2000     Instr HAcc
Hopson, Creative Use of the Organ in Worship, Volume 4 Hopson 38   Hope  2000 Org     HAcc
Hopson, The Ultimate Organ Book for Weddings, Funerals and the Church Year Hopson 302   MorningStar  2007 Org      
House, Face to Face: Eloquent Expressions of Worship for the Piano Soloist House 39   Lillenas  1984   Pno    
Hymn Prelude Library, Volume 3, Tunes DE Cherwien 168   Concordia  2013 Org      
Hymn Preludes and Free Accompaniments, Volume 08 Busarow    Augsburg Fortress  1978 Org     HAcc
Jordan, Alice Jordan Collection, The: Hymn Tunes for Organ Jordan 32   McAfee  1990 Org      
Kane, Selectable Delectables Kane  Augsburg Fortress  1995   Pno    
Keveren, Hymn Medleys Keveren  Hal Leonard  2007   Pno    
Kohlmann, More Concert Transcriptions of Favorite Hymns for Piano Kohlmann 46   Presser  1944   Pno    
Krapf, Creative Hymn Accompaniments for Organ, Volume 2 Krapf  Sacred Music Press (Lorenz)  1994 Org     HAcc
Krapf, Hymn Meditations for Organ Krapf  Sacred Music Press (Lorenz)  1997 Org      
Labenske, Sunday Morning Special Services Companion Labenske  Alfred  2013   Pno    
Lange, A Heritage of Hymns arranged for Piano Lange 62   Concordia  1972   Pno   HAcc
Last Verses for Manuals Lloyd 74   Kevin Mayhew  1993 Org     HAcc
Lau, Dawn to Dusk: A collection of service pieces based on morning and evening hymntunes Lau 22   Flammer  1994 Org      
Let It Rip! At the Piano, Congregational Song Accompaniments Organ 62   Augsburg Fortress  2000   Pno   HAcc
Looney, Quiet Reflections, Volume 1 Looney 12   John Rich  2000   Pno    
Lovelace, Eight Hymn Preludes Lovelace  Augsburg Fortress  1979 Org      
Marohnic, Just a Closer Walk: Eight American Hymns for Piano in Jazz Style Marohnic 17   MorningStar  2010   Pno    
McKinney, Preludes for Fifty-Five Well-Known Hymn Tunes McKinney 14   Fischer  1967 Org     HAcc
Murray, Hymns in the Style of the Masters Murray 43   Bock  1984   Pno    
Noble, Free Organ Accompaniments to One Hundred Well-Known Hymn Tunes Noble 92   Fischer  1946 Org     HAcc
Olson, Make a Joyful Noise Olson 30   Harris  2008   Pno    
Organ Music for Funerals and Memorial Services, Book 1 Held 30   Augsburg Fortress  1986 Org      
Organ Music for the Seasons Biester 18   Augsburg Fortress  1998 Org      
Organ, Woven Together: Reflections and Intonations for Piano and Solo Instrument Organ  Augsburg Fortress  1999   Pno Instr  
Organist's Library, Vol. 5 Hegarty 95   Lorenz  1987 Org      
Parish Organist, Part 01 Hofland 55   Concordia  1953 Org     HAcc
Peeters, Hymn Preludes for the Liturgical Year, Vol. 21 Peeters  Peters  1969 Org      
Petersen L, Abide with Me: Hymns of the Faith Petersen L  Augsburg Fortress  2000 Org      
Phillips, Devotional Piano: 10 Piano Solos Phillips 25   Lillenas  1987   Pno    
Pianist's Companion For the Church Year, Advent Through Lent Loree 70   Unity (Lorenz)  1995   Pno    
Raabe, Grace and Peace: Hymn Portraits for Piano Raabe  Augsburg Fortress  2005   Pno    
Rotermund D, Off the Page Rotermund D 62   MorningStar  2007 Org      
Rotermund D, Off the Page Rotermund D 63   MorningStar  2007 Org      
Sacred Organ Folio, No. 29 Saxton 38   Lorenz  1984 Org      
Sadowski, 22 Hymn Introductions Sadowski 13   Concordia  1997 Org     HAcc
Sedio, Once Led To Your Font: A Keyboard Collection Sedio  Augsburg Fortress  2005   Pno    
Shaw, My Redeemer Loves: Hymns of Comfort and Praise Shaw  Augsburg Fortress  2012   Pno    
Smith G, Creative Keyboard's Complete Church Pianist Smith G 112   Mel Bay  2000   Pno    
Sorenson, God Is---, Ageless Hymns Reflecting the Nature of God Sorenson 24   Lillenas  2011   Pno    
Sowash, Great English Hymns, arranged in contemporary styles Sowash  Augsburg Fortress  2007   Pno    
Stearns, Eight Preludes on Evening Hymns Stearns 12   Flammer  1990 Org      
Stearns, Twenty Hymn Preludes for Organ Stearns  Coburn  1972 Org      
Thalben-Ball, 113 Variations on Hymn Tunes Thalben-Ball 18   Novello  1969 Org     HAcc
Willan, Thirty-Six Short Preludes and Postludes on Well-Known Hymn Tunes, Set 3 Willan  Peters  1960 Org      
Wood, Softly and Tenderly, Volume 2: Organ Meditations on Contemplative Hymns Wood 11   Sacred Music Press (Lorenz)  1993 Org      
World's Favorite Hymn Variations for Piano Solo Grant  Ashley  1969   Pno    
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